New and Renewed Grown-Up Music

by Denver's favorite soft rock vocal band

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Airplay Band Members


Debbie Montgomery - Vocals

A talented singer and songwriter, Debbie's love of music began early, influenced by the Motown sounds of her hometown. A highlight of her early career was singing alongside Detroit diva Diana Ross in a benefit concert. Debbie began co-writing music with former Denver singer-songwriter Celeste Krenz in 1998. She co-wrote the song Where Are We Now, which was recorded in 2001 by Ms. Krenz. Debbie has written a number of other pieces, together with Krenz, or with Airplay's band members, many of which have become part of Airplay's repertoire.



Dave Bauer - Keyboards, Vocals

Dave has been playing keyboards since a young child, and made his performance debut at age seven when he was featured playing organ on the stage of the Milwaukee Home and Garden show. After switching to piano and relocating, Dave played in a string of New Jersey-based bands during his college years, and sang in Virginia Tech's Techmen glee club and completed a European tour with them. Dave joined Airplay in 2002. Until 2009, he also played keyboards and wrote original music for the roots-rock band Monkey Child.



C. J. Musman - Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Given his proficiency playing in both the jazz and rock genres, C.J. has had the benefit of a wide range of harmonious encounters both in and out of the Denver area. Throughout the 70's and 80's, he served as leader, arranger and spiritual advisor for the nine-piece jazz/funk band C.J. and the Penguins. He has played with Airplay since last century.



Pat Erwin - Upright Bass, Bass Guitar

Pat is a seasoned jazz and rock player, equally at home on the upright bass and on the 4-string electric. He has played in a number of jazz and rock combos in Denver, and joined Airplay in 2010.




Dennis Hurlburt - Drums

A talented drummer who perfected keeping a beat while playing in the US Marine Corps band, Dennis has played with a number of bands around Denver, proving his ability to play in a wide array of styles ranging from jazz to power rock. Dennis also performs with Meade Street Heat.



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